December 21, 2015


Photos by Tiffany Couture
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Top - Plain white turtleneck
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Hello Lovelies! I'm baacck. You didn't think I'd leave 2015 behind without posting sooomething 0_0. Every year around this time days seem to go by so quick, especially with the 1 hour time change. Luckily for me I feel that I've made a lot of accomplishments and wonderful memories. Rather than feeling like where has this year gone, or thinking of all the things I didn't do that I said I would do, I feel satisfied and grateful for everything - good and bad. I am embracing the end of one year and welcoming a new one. With that being said, recently I just turned 25 and as you know we all have different fashion stages we go through whether its every year or just last week. I've really been drawn to neutral tones and more comfortable fit clothing this year. I think the minimalism is very classy and gives me that 'grown women' look and did I mention it's comfortable! Obviously here I kept the styling very basic but you can easily accessorize with a trench coat, hat, and some statement pieces if you wanted to take it up a notch. The lace up heels added that extra something I think I needed to complete the look and overall I'd say it came together nicely. Let me know what you guys think. What have been some of your wardrobe/fashion changes this year? 

xoxo, Portia

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