January 20, 2016

Don't Runaway With My Love

Shoes and Headband Agaci 
Lipstick Mac Rubywoo
Photo by Tiffany Couture 

(Sings Tamar Braxton's angels and demons) "Please don't runaway from my love". If any of you have seen Tamar Braxton's video for Angels and Demons you'd know this outfit fits perfectly for the song and video. I feel like I'm exuding some tribal-esque vibes in these photos and it wasn't intentional, I love when that happens! The outfit styling and background for the photo all complimented each other nicely, I'm glad Tiffany chose this area. My dress is a new arrival and this is the first time I'm wearing it. It's from Babes and Felines. For any of my curvy readers or even girls that are not curvy but like comfortability I think you should check out the site. The owner is a well known insta model and all the clothes are basic styles and monotone colors. I think all the material is made from a stretchy fabric but it doesn't feel cheap. Pricing is ok, I don't think anything is above 80 dollars but don't quote me! Also sorry about the bra showing, I didn't realize how much was showing until after I looked at the photos (covers eyes) lol. Anyway, I hope you like the look, we also did another shoot so be on the look for that this week as well. Have a great day :) 

xoxo, Portia 

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